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Brooklyn, N.Y. (March 7, 2017) — On March 30th, join Traffic–Tide in celebrating the ancient Iranian festival of Nauruz. Celebrated for thirteen days starting with the spring equinox, millions of families of Persian descent gather around a ceremonial table known as the haftseen to celebrate the new year, visit friends and relatives, and renew bonds. Here at Traffic–Tide our evening will include a six course dinner from Iranian-born chef Soli Zardosht.

Prepared by Soli Zardosht. Custom dinnerware by Farrah Sit, Justin Novak, Catie Newell and others. Seatings are $95 per person, and can be reserved through

Traffic and Tide’s upcoming season will include a range of chefs from diverse culinary traditions, custom-made dinnerware, limited edition art objects, readings and performances, all in the context of a shared meal. Previous dinners undertaken have received press in Wall Street Journal, NY Times, USA Today, The Guardian, and Conde Nast Traveler. The current home of the dinner series, Mezzanine, has been featured in Elle South Africa, Loro Japan, and Est Australia magazines.

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About Soli Zardosht


Soli Zardosht is an Iranian-born Brooklyn-based chef, food stylist, menswear designer and founder of London-based Zardosht. Formed in 2009 as part of East London’s burgeoning street food scene, Zardosht helped popularize modern Persian cuisine in the UK by blending traditional recipes and contemporary Middle Eastern and European influences. In addition to a permanent home at east London venue Cafe Oto, Zardosht serves up innovative street-food and stage exclusive dinners at supper clubs and pop-up events. Zardosht moved to New York in 2016 after falling in love with a musician from Brooklyn, and is currently working on her debut cookbook.

About Farrah Sit


Light + Ladder is the culmination of founder Farrah Sit’s dream to create a business based on quality, function, beauty and community. The company’s hopes represent a return to meaningful consumption by providing quality American-made accessories for the home. With the ethos “own less and own well”, designer Farrah Sit focuses on creating strikingly simple objects that speak to their intended purpose. Her work reflects this intention in the quality and originality of each product, her exacting attention to detail coupled with a quiet minimalism.

Light + Ladder | @lightandladder

About Justin Novak


Justin Novak has been an Associate Professor of Visual Art and Material Practice at Emily Carr since the Fall of 2007. Much of his ceramic work, which has ranged from figurative sculpture to utilitarian design, has been developed within international residency programs, including the Kohler Factory in Wisconsin, the Walbryzch Factory in Walbryzch, Poland, the Arabia Factory in Helsinki and the National Workshops of Art and Crafts in Copenhagen.

Justin Novak

About Catie Newell


Catie Newell is the founding principal of the art and architecture firm, Alibi Studio and an Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Michigan. Newell’s work and research captures spaces and material effects, focusing on the development of atmospheres through the exploration of textures, volumes, and the effects of light or lack thereof. Newell's creative practice has been widely recognized for exploring design construction and materiality in relationship to location and geography, and cultural contingencies. Before joining the University of Michigan as the Oberdick Fellow in 2009, Newell was a project designer at Office dA in Boston. Newell has won the SOM Prize for Architecture, Design and Urban Design with her project Weather Permitting (2006), the ArtPrize Best Use of Urban Space Juried Award (2011), the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects and Designers (2011), and the Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon Polsky Rome Prize in Architecture (2013-2014). She’s exhibited at the Architecture Venice Biennale (2012) and the Lille3000 Triennial (2015).

Catie Newell